Vineyard Practices

Ehret Family Winery understands that great wines are crafted in the vineyards with respect for the ecology of the environment and the soil. At our Bavarian Lion Vineyards, all of our sustainable vineyard practices involve a minimalist approach. Grapes are planted to just under 1/3 of the entire Ranch holdings, leaving over half the ranch as natural wilderness for wildlife and insects. We believe in cultivating flowers and plants that attract beneficial insects and planting cover crops to replenish the soil's nutrients.
Our Bavarian Lion Vineyard has an environmentally responsible footprint with complete independence for natural resources. Our ecologically comprehensive approach to crafting great wines in the vineyards means, the vineyards are sustainably water efficient, rain water is recycled and then used to irrigate the vines. There is no ground water needed for vineyard irrigation. Likewise, our vineyards are also completely off the grid. All vineyard electrical power is supplied by our solar panels on the Ranch.