Grape Source

Ehret Family and their team source grapes from our Ranch on the Bavarian Lion Vineyards located at the foot of Mt. Saint Helena in Knights Valley.  Knights Valley,  on the northeastern side of Sonoma County, is the warmest official AVA in the county. It is situated in the saddle of the Vacas Mountain range between the northern end of Napa Valley and the southern end of Alexander Valley in Sonoma County. Originally carved by the Russian River as it wended its way through both Sonoma County's Alexander Valley and Napa Valley, the volcanic activity and the creation of Mount St. Helena turned the river west, and raised Knights Valley floor, thus protecting the region from Pacific Ocean influences more than other Sonoma County AVAs. The unique, warmer climate, slightly higher elevation, and the volcanic soils all combine to create ideal conditions for growing cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot, malbec, and petite verdot - the famed red wine grapes of Bordeaux.                                      Vineyard Practices  ->